It's got to be London

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If you've seen us around town lately with our sign "It's got to be London" you might have been wondering what we're on about. 

We're just trying to convince our niece Emma and her boyfriend Brendan to come to London instead of going on a cruise. Because London's better than any stupid cruise!

So we made this campaign video - It's got to be London.

We had such an amazing response from Londoners while filming we thought we'd share it with everyone. If you want to leave a comment at the YouTube clip please do, and if you were in the video we'd love to hear from you - please leave us a message at "Are you in the video?"

UPDATE! Since Monday night, it's kind of gone crazy. We were on ITV news last night, my niece has been on national TV in Australia, (and again online) and we've been in The Daily Telegraph. We've had 5300 hits and it keeps going up.

Thanks everyone. Thanks to all of your support and enthusiasm, Emma and Brendan have made their decision: IT'S GOT TO BE LONDON!

Tim Benzie and Paul Joseph