It's got to be London

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Paul Joseph and Tim Benzie live in London and created this video to help convince Tim's niece Emma to visit London.

Emma is 20 and saving for her first trip to Europe with her boyfriend Brendan, but told Tim in April 2013 that they were deciding in June whether to come to London or go on a cruise.

Paul and Tim love London - it's the best city on Earth. And this video was made to show it off in their own way.

The music is called "Lisa Does Lewisham" and is by Shane Cullinan and his orchestral collective Tonic Fold. The piece is from the album Numbers Rush By and is available for purchase on iTunes.

Paul works for a charity and is also a freelance writer. Tim works for a business support organisation and is also a freelance writer. They both have Twitter accounts and will be Tweeting about â™¯itsgottobelondon. Feel free to join in!